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Core Standards for guardians
of separated children in Europe

Closing a protection gap: ‘If I were a guardian…’

Separated children and guardians speak up

Press release December 2010

Separated children and guardians voice their opinion in the project 'Closing a protection gap for separated children in Europe. In eight national reports they talk about the qualifications and responsibilities of the guardian in relation to reception, return, legal procedures and a durable solution for the child. Separated children state what they would do if they would be a guardian. In 2011 the input from the national reports will lead to the development of core standards for guardians of separated children in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, EU Directives and the Quality4Children standards for children in out of home care.

The recommendations in the national reports and the core standards for guardians will provide an instrument to strengthen the qualifications of a guardian to take the special needs and rights of separated children into account. The current differences in the level of protection separated children receive in European countries is not acceptable. All European countries have signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child and have the obligation to take into account the special needs of separated children. Proper guardianship systems are essential to assist in finding a durable solution for separated children, whether that be return to their country of origin, transfer to another country (for example for family reunification) or integration into the host country. 

When all guardians have sufficient qualifications to work in the best interest of the child the level of protection children receive in the different European countries will harmonize.


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