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Core Standards for guardians
of separated children in Europe

Booklets for guardians

Core Standards as inspiration and goal for guardians

The Core Standards are developed as a tool for guardians in practice. The Core Standards aim to inspire the guardians in their daily work and they offer a goal to work towards. Due to the current guardianship systems in some countries there are a lot of hurdles to overcome for guardians in order to succesfully implement the Core Standards. Guardians with a very high caseload are confronted with multiple dilemmas. They want to be present for the children and provide adequate support but they do not have the capacity due to their caseload. The guardians in these countries should not feel frustrated when they cannot fulfil all the Standards immediately. Guardians can incorporate the Core Standards as a guideline for their work irrespective of the guardianship system and legislative framework. The Core Standards can be used as a checklist to monitor the current practice. Where there are Core Standards that are unfulfilled the guardian can feel empowered to advocate for change.


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