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Core Standards for guardians
of separated children in Europe

Implementation of the Core Standards for Guardians at the Council of Europe

30 September 2014

At a special hearing at the Council of Europe on September 30th in Strasbourg. Ms. Goeman, representing Defence for Children The Netherlands and SCEP, has pleaded for implementation of the core standards for guardians of separated children in Europe. The SCEP Network endorsed the Core Standards this year. Ms. Tineke Strik, a senator representing the greens party "GroenLinks" in the Senate of the Dutch Parliament and in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, lodged a call for a motion aimed at the advancement of the Core Standards within the Council of Europe.

Guardian of Human Rights

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe consists of representatives of national parliaments from its 47 member states and is an important guardian of human rights. There are approximately a hundred thousand separated children in Europe seeking protection without their parents. These children have a right to a guardian who can represent their interests. The degree of protection these children receive from their guardians varies wildly across Europe. Since 2009, SCEP members have been engaged in a European project aimed at improving the protection these children are accorded by their guardians. The Core Standards for guardians were developed after gathering input from 127 children and 68 guardians. At this stage, the focus of the project is on implementing these standards. The special hearing at the Council of Europe represents a major milestone in the push for implementation.

Call for a motion

The interviewed children and guardians were able to tell the project partners what they would need in order to improve the protection of separated children. The special hearing presents the Council of Europe with the opportunity of ensuring the voices of these children and guardians will be heard in all 47 member states of the Council of Europe. Ms. Tineke Strik has taken the initiative to lodge a call for a motion in the Committee on Migration, Refugees, and Displaced Persons.

Broad support base within Europe

The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe has indicated his support for the Core standards previously by writing the foreword to the international Core Standards report. The Fundamental Rights Agency has also recently referred to the Core Standards in the handbook they published on guardianship.

For more information, please refer to Core Standards for Guardians


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