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Core Standards for guardians
of separated children in Europe

Core Standards

The Core Standards and indicators for guardians of separated children in Europe are based on the views expressed by 127 separated and former separated children, 68 guardians and 39 other experts (for instance foster parents, lawyers, social workers). The views have been measured against the Convention on the Rights of the Child, General comment No. 6 (treatment of unaccompanied and separated children outside their country of origin) and General comment No. 12 (the Right of the child to be heard) of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Statement of Good Practice of the Separated Children in Europe Programme. The Core Standards for guardians have furthermore been inspired by the Quality4Children standards for Out-of-Home Child Care in Europe. 54 members of the national advisory councils in the eight research countries were consulted and shared their expertise.

Below you can find the basic text of the standards, for the full text and indicators see the international report.
For translations of the standards, click here.

pictogram standaard 1 belang van het kind.png

Standard 1: The guardian advocates for all decisions to be taken in the best interests of the child, aimed at the protection and development of the child.

pictogram standaard 2 participatie.png

Standard 2: The guardian ensures the child's participation in every decision which affects the child. 

pictogram standaard 3 beschermt veiligheid.png

Standard 3: The guardian protects the safety of the child. 

pictogram standaard 4 waakhond.png

Standard 4: The guardian acts as an advocate for the rights of the child. 

pictogram standaard 5 voogd als aanspreekpunt.png

Standard 5: The guardian is a bridge between and focal point for the child and other actors involved. 

pictogram standaard 6 duurzame oplossing.png

Standard 6: The guardian ensures the timely identification and implementation of a durable solution.  

pictogram standaard 7 respect en eerbied.png

Standard 7: The guardian treats the child with respect and dignity. 

pictogram standaard 8 vertrouwen en openheid.png

Standard 8: The guardian forms a relationship with the child built on mutual trust, openness & confidentiality. 

pictogram standaard 9 voogd is toegankelijk.png

Standard 9: The guardian is accessible. 

pictogram standaard 10 kennis en competenties.png

Standard 10: The guardian is equipped with relevant professional knowledge and competences. 


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