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Core Standards for guardians
of separated children in Europe

Country Assessments

"I would like to become a guardian because I know how it feels. A guardian needs to guide and help a child. You need to know the law and rules. You must not be opposites but listen to the child. You must try to feel what the child is feeling" Separated child from The Netherlands.

Country assessments 2013

In nine country assessments the implementation is analyzed of the Core Standards for guardians of separated children based on input from workshops with separated children and guardians and desk research of existing laws, policies and methodologies. The assessments give an overview of the level of implementation of the Core Standards for guardians in legislation, policy and practice in each country. Promising practices as well as challenges are discussed. The country assessments are published in English and the native languages of the project partners.

National reports 2010

The Core Standards for guardians of separated children in Europe are based on the views expressed by 127 separated children, 68 guardians and 39 other experts. Their views are presented in eight national reports, which were published in 2010. Based on the findings from the national reports the international report with the Core Standards was published in 2011.


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